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We are the 99% of Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom.  welcome

Occupy Norwich packed up peacefully on February 20th and is determined to continue its campaign for the 99% and to continue to give its message and welcome people to join

For updates, to find out more and  please visit:  http://occupynorwich.org/

Looking Forward to the Global Spring

By Phil Grimes

On 20th February we dismantled the camp at Hay Hill, stacked up the rubbish at the side of the plaza – amazing how much we had collected! – swept the pavement and took a look around at a place that had become very special to us. Of course, when we set up on October 15th last year, none of us knew how long it would stay. In the event, it became one of the longest continuous occupations in the world. In that time we met thousands of people, and even if not everyone was happy to see us there, at least we did what we promised – a peaceful, legal protest that shone a little bit of light into some rather dark corners.

Of course, some were reluctant to leave. My car for one. Long past midnight, and with the mass of timber that was the frame of our beloved yurt on the roof, it refused to start for the first time since I’ve had it. So in the end it was not the Council or the Police that waved us goodbye, but the RAC.

One of the questions we were often asked, sometimes rather belligerently, was “So what are YOUR solutions?” But Occupy isn’t about handing out solutions. We are conditioned from birth to accept the system as it is, and to take our ideas pre-chewed and pre-digested. Parents, teachers, gurus and politicians – all ready to hand us a school book, rule book or holy book with the answers. Read the rules, tick the box that says “I agree” and stop thinking. If Occupy has achieved anything, it is to make people think differently. Many people have come away with their eyes opened, realising maybe for the first time that, just as they are part of the problem, so they are part of the solution. As the old Norfolk saying goes, “Do different.”Do Different

So, we move into 2012 with mixed emotions. The camp was a big part of our identity, a visible statement of our refusal to accept that things can’t change. I only braved the elements on four cold nights, but for many of the determined campers it became a way of life. They achieved more than we ever hoped. But it was also a big drain on our resources and organisation, and a lot of other plans were put on the back burner. Now we can devote our full attention to them. Peaceful direct action, both on the ground and on the internet; music and arts events; the global May action days; workgroups and education groups on a whole range of topics; and of course building stronger ties with all the other groups working towards a fairer, more sustainable future. As we move into Phase 2 of Occupy, there is plenty to keep us busy for a long time to come. 2012 promises to be an interesting year.

for a  statement of intent please visit foot of homepage

Update:  Following a lengthy meeting on Saturday 11th Februrary at which many views were listened to and voiced it was agreed that a working group should clean up the camp and focus on giving the message of Occupy to as many local people as possible and improving the presentation of the camp so more people can appreciate its purpose and value.

It was decided not to remove the camp yet but continue to sustain it for the time being and above all the message it is conveying.

People as ever are invited to visit the camp, talk, give their views, have their views heard and respected and, if they wish, to join and support the movement.

Today Monday 13th February  in the high court in London the hearing of the appeal against eviction of the St Paul’s encampment began

The main grounds for appeal are not that the previous hearing was unfair but that the decisions made and measures advocated were ‘draconian’ and disproportionate.

You can find us at www.OccupyNorwich.org, listen and contribute at
www.facebook.com/groups/occupynorwich and educate yourself at
www.youtube.com/occupynorwichuk. Contact us through

Your ongoing support and interaction is essential!

All the best
Occupy Norwich

— Occupy Norwich Contact

twitter  @occupynorwich
facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/occupynorwich/
tumblr  http://occupynorwich.tumblr.com/

Occupy Norwich is inspired by Occupy Wall Street which in turn was inspired by the peaceful occupation of Tahrir square in Egypt. A leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders, abilities and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

The US action has inspired similar peaceful actions in the UK and around the world.

Please note this is a peaceful as opposed to illegal military occupation !

We are totally supportive of other Occupy initiatives, and feel there is value in responses on a regional level too, not everyone can get to London (Occupy the London Stock Exchange), not everyone can drop everything and leave, not everyone can afford to travel far etc etc. So that’s why we started this non-violent protest in Norwich    Please visit:   website: http://www.occupynorwich.co.uk

WHERE: The Haymarket in Norwich (NR2 1QD)

WHEN: From Saturday October 15th until – who knows? This is an ongoing organic movement which we hope may continue until December.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourselves, friends, family! We need people! You may also like to bring placards, food & drink, and warm clothing if you intend to stay longer term/overnight.  Please note that there are updated Need/want lists which appear on the Facebook group and the online Forum.

Together we talk and plan, make friends, reconnect with our local community, share our grievances, discuss solutions, and make it OURS!

Please also connect with us if you’re planning something in your town/city. We will gladly befriend and Twitter follow all of our friends 🙂


Please remember that this is a totally non-violent protest, and we expect everyone to behave within the law. Thank you.


Twitter account: @OccupyNorwich (www.twitter.com/#!/OccupyNorwich)

hashtags #OccupyNorwich Facebook Group/Page/Account – search for ‘Occupy Norwich’

Email us:   occupynorwich@gmail.com
Forum: http://www.forummotion.occupynorwich.co.uk


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