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CND Symbol in Norwich

The Iconic Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament symbol came to Norwich on 10th and 11th August
and was well received including by our Mayor
who is a Mayor for Peace

CND Symbol coming to Norwich

On Friday 10th August and Saturday 11th we have the honour of the touring Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Symbol coming to our city,
first to Chapelfield Park near the Peace Pillar and then to St Peter Mancroft Church
please come by to help out or visit
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The logic of peace is greater than lesser poverties

On January 20, 1945 The U.S. President, Roosevelt received a 40 age document detailing Japan’s surrender and a chance to end WWII. Roosevelt ignored this offer and dropped atomic bombs on Nagasaki & Hiroshima. Details here: The logic of peace is greater than lesser poverties.