Peace Camp: Saturday, 8th October 2022

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Peace Camp banner in front of Forum

The Forum, Norwich
9am to 4pm. Free entry. Open to all.

Norwich Peace Camp began as an idea, partly inspired by the International Peace Cycle, to bring together local peace, community, faith, environmental, charity and other groups and organisations for an event in the Norwich Forum. The first ever Norwich Peace Camp was in July 2006 and took up just one quarter of the atrium of the Forum. Since then it has expanded each year to include many more members and for 2010 the entire atrium has been booked

All through the year and often for many years these organisations have campaigned locally, nationally and sometimes internationally to further the cause of peace, justice and better understanding and to address key issues and concerns which face us locally and in the world as a whole.

All too often they have been branded as being too idealistic, eccentric, divided or out of touch with ‘mainstream’ thinking, while in fact they are inherently interconnected and have spoken up for and advocated values and principles which are of universal and also specific importance and which are necessary for our well-being, mutual co-operation and continued survival.

It is our belief that peace is essential, is worth striving for, that peace matters and that it is achievable.

Peace Camp from its outset has had as its focus the Middle East and especially Jerusalem and the land around it. In doing so we are not attempting to be in any way exclusive, but rather to say that Jerusalem is at the heart and that if there is peace there then there can be peace in the whole world, and that if there is not the entire world suffers from the lack of it.

Peace Camp recognises that peace is not only outward, but inward also and that people’s understanding of it, as well as approaches to it, may vary according to their own beliefs or perspectives. We recognise also that there are those who argue that history has been one of conflict and cannot be otherwise. Our invitation therefore is not limited only to those who agree with a narrow definition, but to anyone who wishes to engage in dialogue, to have their own views heard and to learn from those of others as well.


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