Norwich Peace Camp

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Palestinian Olive Oil

Palestinian olive oil, the chosen oil of Peace Camp, unlike crude oil is non-polluting and has excellent health and medicinal qualities, it is even mentioned in the Qur’an in the chapter of Light. It is now obtainable in Norwich at various outlets and also nationally in larger stores eg Co-operative and Sainsbury’s. Over recent years thousands of hectares of ancient Palestinian olive groves have been bulldozed as part of collective punishment and land clearance. The purchasing of this oil here in the West helps ensure the safety and protection of these olive trees and also provides a lifeline and support for the Palestinian economy because this is one of the very few exports Palestinians are allowed in their own name.

There are two co-operatives which produce and export this oil

                                 Zaytoun                  and                      Canaan

Oil and other products including: olive oil soaps, couscous, za’atar, mejdoul dates can also be purchased in Norwich by contacting:  Ian Cavell at:


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