Norwich joins in the zero carbon world concert

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Climate campaigners have organised a zero carbon world concert on the eve of the next UN climate summit (1) to demonstrate that a zero carbon world is both achievable and fun.

The concert will consist of a number of events all over the world – in England, Wales, Holland, Italy, Poland, Sierra Leone, China, Australia and the USA.(2)

The summit begins on 29 November and there will be an event in Norwich on 27 November featuring Vic Salter, Pedalo, Ruth Gordon and Jimmy and the Magic Shoe in the St Thomas church hall, Earlham Rd. It will be acoustic so that it causes no carbon dioxide emissions. 

In addition, people will be encouraged to travel to the event without emitting carbon. They are asked to walk, cycle, or use public transport (3) instead of driving – unless they have an electric car powered by green electricity, or a diesel vehicle using waste vegetable oil.

Tickets are £2 in advance (from Chris Keene, 01603 614535, 07801 250982 or £3 on the door

Quote from Chris Keene, coordinator of the zero carbon world concert:

“A zero carbon world could be achieved in a few years, if only we had the political will. It is being prevented by vested interests in the fossil fuel industry who have many of the politicians in their pockets.

This is the first zero carbon world concert, but it will not be the last. We shall make it an annual event until we have achieved our aim, a future with a stable climate”

ENDS – FOR MORE INFORMATION CHRIS KEENE 07801 250982 , 01603 614535


(1)    The next UN climate summit is in Cancun, Mexico, from November 29 to December 10

(2)    Details of the concerts can be found under Concerts at

(3)    Climate change is caused mainly by the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas, which emits the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide which acts like a blanket trapping heat from the sun and causing global warming, which causes the climate to change, producing heat waves, floods and droughts

(4)    Public transport is acceptable even if it runs on diesel because it would run anyway so no extra carbon is generated as a result of the concert

(5)    A zero carbon world is necessary because, according to the world’s top climate scientist, James Hansen of NASA, to ensure climate stability we need at most 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are already at 392 ppm, so need to get down to zero emissions as soon as possible


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