Egypt, the Arab world and the Middle East

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NPC&PC notes the momentous events taking place in the Arab world led by Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt but also in Yemen, Jordan and now Bahrain, Morocco, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The need for governments and ruling regimes and structures everywhere to be just and free of corruption and also external control and manipulation which removes the rights of people is universal.

 There cannot be peace among people and nations where injustice pervades, be it military, economic or otherwise.

NPC&PC also notes that the popular uprisings in both Tunisia and Egypt were very largely peaceful and deeply regrets the loss of innocent life which occured. The current crisis in Libya and its brutal suppression is of grave concern as is the brutality of the authorities in Bahrain and Syria. That this has lead in the case of Lybia to massive intrusion by Nato forces echoes all too stongly the run in to the Iraq war, something which no one surely would wish to be repeated.

May this movement be one that leads to fairer government across the entire region, justice for people and respect for their legitimate rights and an end also to the illegal occupation of Palestine and Jerusalem and the establishment of peace in all the area around the Holy city for all its inhabitants be they Muslim Christian or Jewish

Only if we have peace, stability and mutual respect of human and other rights in the heart can we have these in the world as a whole.


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