Seasonal News from the Norfolk African Community Association (NACA)

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Seasonal News from the Norfolk African Community Association (NACA)

The Organic Gardening and Nature Conservation Programme of NACA are open to the African Diasporas and interested local residents.

If you would like to learn the techniques of how to grow your own vegetables, soft fruits, flowers and composting by participating in healthy outdoor work then contact NACA now to register for the 2014 programme.

A Group or Individual visits for exchange of experience and ideas are welcome at all times. You will find us during the spring and summer at plot P211, Bluebell South Model allotments, the Avenues, in Norwich.

To participate in the African allotment programme you must be over 18 years old and commit 2 hours per week volunteering in practical work in the field during the growing seasons.

Why you should participate?

You will find it interesting and enjoyable because you will have free fresh fruits and vegetables, spend the two hours volunteering time outside in a friendly environment, make new friends and avoid isolation and learn new skills for life and share your skills as well

The present horticultural skills training of 12 volunteers will continue until the end of October 2013. This project is funded by the Living Well in the community fund.

In good weather meaning – (No Snow, No Strong Wind or Heavy Rain) during Spring and Summer almost every day between 11 am and 4 p.m. a volunteer will be on site.
However, it is advisable if visitors ring or e-mail and give NACA at least 24 hours notice.
Telephone: 01603625470 and e-mail as above.
Kind regards,
Dr. Eshetu Wondimagegne
NACA Projects Coordinator.

The benefits of learning horticultural skills:

You will be relaxing by getting fresh air and exercise at no cost and being closer to nature. If you are a good observer you will see so many interesting activities being carried out by insects, birds, and many small animals playing their role in the environment.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits saves you money.

You know you are eating chemical free products.

You can grow a plant for special purpose, for example to help reduce the onset risk of certain diseases.

Socialising out in the field with other volunteers helps you to overcome isolation.

You have the freedom to experiment to learn new skills and also show your skills.

You are closer to feel and appreciate nature.

You will learn crop protection methods in order to minimize the damage caused to your vegetables by weeds, insects, snails, slugs, birds, (pigeons), moles, foxes and other forces of nature such as harsh weather.

You will learn how to plan for the seasons and have a calendar of operations. Land preparation, sowing, transplanting, and watering, weeding, scouting for any disease, animal or insects damage to take the necessary control measures.

You will be happy to give some fresh vegetable to visitors, you will become generous. Naturally if you a re a giving person; people will also give you in return or thank you in a different way.

All volunteers involved in gardening and open air activities will gain emotional well being hence living well in their communities.

* “If you do your best you can do no more, and so you are at peace with yourself, and your surroundings.”

* A quote from unknown source.

For further information or enquiry about the NACA organic programme please contact us via e-mail:


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