No war on Syria yet

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Update 31/8/2013

President Obama has decided to seek the approval of Congress for his plan to strike Syria militarily, to “teach President Assad a Lesson”

What lessons can the US teach anyone when it comes to chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction or non-aggression ?

Having failed to get the UK figleaf he wanted the Peace Prize Laureate is seeking to get a US one even though like here the great majority of his people do not want military intervention on Syria

Congress does not reconvene for 9 days
Let us remember that all five nuclear armed Security Council members are involved in this and are also opposed to one another

and of course Israel has the bomb as well

During the Cuba Crisis in 1963 the world was on hold and held to ransom for a similar 9 days

after that we had the assassination of JFK and the Vietnam war

When will we ever learn ?

Update 30/8/2013

Tonight Parliament by the slimmest of margins voted against mandating this country to take military action against Syria

however this was in the face of a three line whip and a Prime Minister hell bent on war.

Had the people of this country been allowed to vote the majority against would have been massive

Now we must set about the urgent matter of helping Syria rather than bombing it and do everything we can

to bring the horrors to an end and address the key issue of the Middle East which is restoring peace to Jerusalem and all the land and

people around it.


Government capitulates and has to defer vote on going to war against Syria

Kofi Annan says give peace a chance, at least let inspectors find the evidence and submit report first

Even Tory MPs say overwhelming opposition from their constituents against military intervention in Syria

and express outrage that they are not being allowed a free vote

Even Nigel Faraj leader of UKIP (perhaps surprisingly)  has stated that he is against military intervention on Syria on the grounds that the majority of British people are against it and that British troops are treated badly enough anyway and should not be made to go to war again. He also said that the government has patently lost the plot.


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