Peace One Day

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September 21, 2015
1:00 pmto2:00 pm

Monday, September 21
United Nations International Day of Peace

Theme: Who will you make peace with?

Norwich Quakers and others affiliated to Norwich Peace Camp invite all to join them in marking this annual day of peacemaking and hope for peace on earth.
at the bottom of Hay Hill by Norwich Market
with Banners, Information Stall and Leafleting

The aim of Peace One Day is to start with just one day in the year when there is no war or violence anywhere in the world. People can use that day to think how the causes of war can be eradicated and how conflicts can be solved without violence. Then, one day at a time, we can all begin building a world without war for every day.

There have been tangible results from what has happened on previous September 21sts. Ceasefires have enabled food drops in famine areas of Africa and vaccination against polio for children across Afghanistan. There have been themed sporting events and celebrations around the world. The 2012 Peace One Day Report found that approximately 280 million people in 198 countries were aware of Peace Day 2012 – 4% of the world’s population. In 2014 more than one billion people were exposed to Peace Day messages through activities ranging from concerts to prayer groups. Across the world 610 million people were aware of Peace Day, with a major increase in Africa, particularly the Great Lakes region, where there will be a large Peace One Day Celebration in Kigali this year.

Peace Day is not only about a reduction of violence in areas of conflict, it is also about reducing violence in our homes, communities and schools – something we can all do – and look for better ways for people everywhere to live together. Prevention is better than intervention – and a tangible potential life-saver. We can ask the government to stop subsidies to the arms trade. We already have conventions banning Chemical and Biological Weapons, Cluster Bombs and Landmines. We need to work together towards a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

Peace One Day has online teaching materials and anyone can join Peace One Day online at,uk


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