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“This morning Norfolk peace campaigners took the Ministry of Defence to court over Trident, because the overwhelming and indiscriminate destructive power of Trident breaks all our legal obligations on the conduct of war. 13 supporters of ‘Norfolk for Peace and Justice’ laid Criminal Information against the Ministry of Defence at Norwich Magistrates Court, on behalf of the 260 local residents who had signed the document. We took this drastic action because we share the conviction that our defence policy should be legal. It must uphold humanitarian laws about the conduct of war, specifically on the protection of civilians and the environment. And ensure that our defence policy only uses proportionate force to produce a military advantage. Many people may not be aware that the government no longer honours these commitments. Philip Dunne MP, writing on behalf of the Ministry of Defence on 27 January 2016, regarding the Geneva Convention, states; “the rules…do not have any effect on and do not regulate or prohibit the use of nuclear weapons.” He also states “ The Uk would employ nuclear weapons only in extreme circumstances of self-defence.” implying the use Trident as a first strike weapon, cancelling earlier promises that we would not. Our democracy relies on the separation of government and the judiciary. When the government is pursuing an illegal policy, we can ask our system of justice to call it to account. That is what we did today. The court accepted our information. We wait their response. The next stage will be to get the permission of the Attorney General to hear the case at the Magistrates Court. Alicia Hull and Peter Crouch Norfolk for Peace and Justice c/o The Flint House, Felbrigg Road, Roughton, Norwich, NR11 8PA”


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