We Are Many

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We Are Many: acclaimed film telling story of
world’s largest ever protest will be screened
Wednesday 22nd

March 6.30pm
Lecture theatre 3
We Are Many tells the story of 15 February 2003, when
millions of people in cities and towns across the world
marched to say not in my name to the Iraq war. Featuring
many prominent figures who were there, and some of
those who marched in such huge numbers, the film is an
inspiring celebration of a day, the impact of which has
reverberated in protest movements ever since.
Organised by Hazel Marsh in conjunction with
Norwich Stop the War Coalition
Get more info contact hazel.marsh@uea.ac.uk,
01603 592151
Or phone Nick 07717 504210 Frank 01493 664499

On February 15th, 2003, up to 30 million people, many of whom had
never demonstrated before in their lives, came out in nearly 800
cities around the world to protest against the impending Iraq War.
The New York Times called this movement the “Second
How did this day come about? Who organized it? And was it, as
many people claimed, a total failure?
This fearless, thought-provoking documentary is the remarkable
inside story behind the first ever global demonstration, and its
surprising and unreported legacy. The film features testimony from a
unique cast of direct participants, including organizers, activists,
high-profile figures, and of course the public, filmed in seven
countries – Italy, Spain, Egypt, Sweden, Australia, UK, and the USA.
Extraordinary testimony from activists in Egypt reveals how on the
eve of the invasion of Iraq, the global anti-war protests inspired
those in Tahrir Square to go on to engage in the massive democratic
movement that ultimately led to the Arab Spring. In the UK, the
government was defeated over the proposed invasion of Syria, a
historic event that might not have transpired without the legacy of
those demonstrations a decade ago.
The star-studded list of contributors includes Danny Glover, actor
Mark Rylance, film director Ken Loach, Prof. Noam Chomsky,
musicians Brian Eno and Damon Albarn, writer and Vietnam Vet
Ron Kovic (author of ‘Born on the 4th of July’), Rev. Jesse Jackson,
Richard Branson and Colin Powell’s former Chief of Staff Col.
Lawrence Wilkerson, amongst others.
This bold documentary by Amir Amirani charts the birth and
growth of the new people power movement, now sweeping the
world, taking us up to the Arab Spring and Syria, a little over 10
years after that historic day


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