Corona virus

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Norwich Peace Camp & Peace Cycle commends all those, especially in NHS

who are doing everything they can to bring the Corona virus under control. This is a whole world issue, no one is totally unaffected.

We need complete international co-operation at all levels and and a final end to war forever. Enough is enough, too many have died and suffered over so many years in a futile attempt to be all powerful. The UN General Secretary very recently called for a global ceasefire, this should be honoured by all immediately. Once Corona virus is overcome, and we will overcome it as previous plagues and calamities also, we must finally learn the lessons that we cannot continue destroying ourselves and our beautiful earth on the altar of war. If we wish to survive and for those yet to come especially we owe this as a minimum out of respect to our better destiny and especially for those who are poor, downtrodden, disenfranchised and abused, all this has to end

or there will be no future at all for anyone.
Give Peace a Chance

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