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Posted on | December 25, 2020 | No Comments

Sanity prevails.


The day is rapidly approaching for this

motion to become binding in law.

Please make a note of 22nd January 2021

further updates to come.
The next stage is to bring the nuclear powers down

so they agree to abandon their illegal arsenals

of mass death and destruction

and hand them all over to be totally decomishioned


It was officially announced last night

that the UN motion which has been so painstakingly

been put together over many years,

to banish all nuclear weapons forever,

has attained the critical number of 50 states

who have now ratified.
Therefore in 90 days this will become binding

on all member states, including the

world’s 9 nuclear armed powers.

please see:

This is truly wonderful news and could mean also

that all the wasted money put into making and maintaining these

could be redirected to end world poverty

and address the environmental disaster

we are now surrounded by.
Let’s not stop there, let’s banish all war

of all forms as well.


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