Press Release: National Quaker Week 2-12 October 2010

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Theme: ‘Belief. In Action.’ Quakers are involved in peace and reconciliation work in conflict areas around the world, active in Prison reform, promoting environmental and sustainability concerns, working for justice and equality; in fact working to be living witnesses to our shared beliefs in Truth, Equality, Simplicity and Peace. 

Here in Norwich, throughout the week, Quakers are sharing ways they put their beliefs into action not just for a week or a month but in their whole future lives.

Lesley Grahame, newly elected City Councillor for Thorpe Hamlet, is one of our members who continually puts her beliefs into action in all aspects of her life and joins another Quaker Councillor, Rupert Read, on the City Council representing the Green Party. Lesley is well known for her enthusiastic support of the many peace and community groups in Norwich and work with Quakers locally and nationally.

As Lesley says “living what I believe as a part of my everyday life is exactly what makes me part of a Quaker community.”

Belief in action is part of quaker tradition. Way back in 1682 William Penn said “True godliness don’t turn men out of the world but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavours to mend it”

Norwich Quakers today are still mending, recycling and excited in building a better world!

Quaker Week Events:

Quaker Quest. Here in Norwich, for those curious about Quakers and wanting to know more, or explore a new spiritual path, Quakers invite you to take part in Quaker Quest held at The Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane. Norwich.

On five Monday evenings (from 7 to 9pm) from 4th October to 1st November, local Quakers will speak briefly about different aspects of their beliefs in action, with plenty of time for questions, sharing and discussion afterwards.

The programme for each evening is: 

4th Oct : An introduction to Quaker Faith and Worship,

11th Oct: Quaker Faith in Action,

18th Oct: Quakers, Peace & Justice

25th Oct: Quakers and God,

Those who might have more time on a Saturday, are invited to come along and join in an Enquirers’ Day with Norfolk Quakers on Saturday, 9th October, 10am-4pm, a varied programme of talks, group activities and plenty of time to question and discover more about Quakers ( who are also known as Friends) at Norwich Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich, just off St Giles near the City Hall. 

Further details of any of these events and information about Quaker Week 2-12 Oct 2010 please contact Ann Ray on 01603 506081 email




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