Monthly Vigil for Peace

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July 3, 2021
12:00 pmto1:00 pm

Do please attend if you can.
Bring peace, love and wellbeing

and feel free to come and go as you please.

Norwich Vigil for peace

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May 6, 2021
12:00 pmto12:30 pm
12:00 pmto12:30 pm

Find attached the latest poster for the Norwich Vigil for Peace.  12 midday – 12.30pm Saturday 5th June 2021.
Shan and I have negotiated, with St. Peter Mancroft, ‘permission’ to hold Peace Vigils on the 1st Saturday of each month, and in harmony with Norfolk Constabulary. Norfolk police have advised Norwich Peace to be covid-safe which means 30 people max wearing face masks and socially distanced.
Please feel free to bring along petitions, fliers and banners that communicate a spirit of peace & community love. If you are in harmony with our collective vison, do feel free to attend. Please note the primary focus of our monthly vigils are Peace (in the community).  
Hope to see you all on the day.
Paul & Shan6 years of vigils outside St Peter Mancroft 🙂 

NPC&PC welcomes ceasefire

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However this is insufficient to establishing sustainable peace

which must respect full rights for Palestinians

and Palestine

including freedom, justice

and the right of return.
There must also be a complete end to demolitions

and theft of land.
This is what international law states.
In this way Jews, Christians and Muslims

and all inhabitants of the

historic land of Palestine

may be able to live together in peace and security

as it should be.

NPC&PC deplores Israeli aggression

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Unwarranted attack on Gaza which has already killed over 200 innocent Palestinians, many of them women and children

must stop immediately

UN should also take immediate control

Stop the killing stop the lies

no more bloodshed

the bombing must end

Nuclear war is collective suicide

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Nae nukes here, this is a nuclear free zone

ICAN – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (

No WWlll

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The world cannot afford

another world war

the world needs peace

and it is our duty to ensure that it presides forever

over all forms of jingoism, falsehood and injustice.

Peace is the great jewel from on high

we must not sacrifice it on the altar of destruction and death

We’ve arrived next stage to finally eliminate them forever

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Please help out by joining:

January 22nd 2021 shall go down in history

as the day on which nuclear tyranny came to an end.
The long awaited and painstakingly assembled

Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons TPNW

becomes law, being a massive landmark

in the history of the anti-war movement

and something that so many have yearned for

for so long.

Please join:

There is an online get together that you can

attend on that day too by searching the site.

Something at last to celebrate

News Flash

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Sanity prevails.


The day is rapidly approaching for this

motion to become binding in law.

Please make a note of 22nd January 2021

further updates to come.
The next stage is to bring the nuclear powers down

so they agree to abandon their illegal arsenals

of mass death and destruction

and hand them all over to be totally decomishioned


It was officially announced last night

that the UN motion which has been so painstakingly

been put together over many years,

to banish all nuclear weapons forever,

has attained the critical number of 50 states

who have now ratified.
Therefore in 90 days this will become binding

on all member states, including the

world’s 9 nuclear armed powers.

please see:

This is truly wonderful news and could mean also

that all the wasted money put into making and maintaining these

could be redirected to end world poverty

and address the environmental disaster

we are now surrounded by.
Let’s not stop there, let’s banish all war

of all forms as well.

Nuclear free zone

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Nae nukes here

Scientists welcome Key Milestone for nuclear weapons ban Treaty

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